Aspire’s Mission Statement

We end chemical dependency and substance abuse by treating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit— and by providing research-based and cutting-edge approaches that transform addiction into healthy, creative living. Our goal is to bring hope, confidence, and knowledge to our clients, setting each on the path of life-long healing and wellness.

Our Goals for Our Clients
  1. Achieve physical stability.
  2. Establish a healthy, productive lifestyle free of alcohol and drugs.
  3. Develop practical, powerful strategies for addressing the addictive behaviors and the roots of the addiction.
  4. Develop a reliable, effective aftercare program to continue the healing process after graduating from Aspire.
We strive to help clients feel more
  • Embodied
  • Empowered
  • Authentic
  • Balanced, centered, and calm
Our Guiding Values
  1. Every client is treated with respect at all times. We respect the humanity,rights, and agency of every client and strive to make Aspire a place where all people (including staff) feel safe to grow and to learn.
  2. We seek collaboration with every client. We assume that each client brings valuable wisdom and experience to the process of their healing. We honor that experience and help each client bring forward the unique wisdom that can facilitate their recovery.
  3. We view our clients as whole persons. In this respect, chemical dependency is a disorder with neurological, biochemical, psychological, social, and spiritual components. All these components are addressed by our program.
  4. We view healing as part mastery, part mystery. We offer methods and tools that have proven to be effective in the treatment of addiction. We believe that by adopting these methods and tools clients will be successful in their recovery. We are also mindful that every client’s path to wholeness is different, and that the client’s way is just as important as any particular program we might offer them.
  5. We believe that the addiction points the way to healing. We assert that within every addictive pattern lies a personal truth that can be uncovered, understood, and honored—and that this truth holds the key to that person’s recovery and wholeness.