Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment and Recovery

methamphetamine addiction treatment

Whether you call it meth, crystal meth or methamphetamine, addiction treatment and recovery for this illegal and highly addictive street drug must be undertaken as seriously as the potential consequences of its continued use.

Common outcomes of methamphetamine addiction and abuse include cardiovascular damage, tooth loss, malnutrition, memory degradation, aggression and psychotic behavior. Even casual use can result in sleep deprivation, anxiety, restlessness and excessive paranoia.

When inhaled or swallowed, methamphetamine produces a rush of euphoria. When smoked or injected, the effects are intense, sending the user repeatedly in search of another dose, often to the exclusion of all else.

Utah Meth Addiction Treatment Programs

Aspire Addiction and Recovery Centers offers Utah’s most comprehensive non-12-step treatment program. Using scientifically proven methods, our program addresses the underlying causes of substance abuse and addiction. It also provides an opportunity for methamphetamine-dependent clients to work in a therapeutic setting to explore their internal perceptions of self.

Combining medical management with educational programs, psychotherapy and alternative modalities, we design individual treatment plans to suit each client’s unique needs.

A Unique Approach to Meth Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Our program works to establish harmony between mind and body by incorporating time spent in nature with pet therapy, meditation and movement. Fitness training and yoga improve physical health as well as mental and emotional stability.

We also offer acupuncture, shiatsu and craniosacral massage therapy, as well as the ancient Chinese practice of qi gong to stabilize the central nervous system and restore inner balance. We may use a combination of individual, group and family therapy sessions as well, and we also offer gender-specific group therapy for methamphetamine addiction.

Methamphetamine Addiction Recovery with Lasting Results

Because crystal meth addiction is so overwhelming, it commonly results in relapse. To ensure future success, our clients work directly with a case manager throughout their program, learning the skills that help to ensure continued improvement after treatment is complete.

Case managers provide vocational support and appropriate educational opportunities designed to help form the building blocks for a future of success and stability. With educational programs delivered by some of the industry’s most well-respected experts, we provide practical advice for creating happiness from within and finding meaning in service and personal excellence.

Aspire Addiction Recovery Centers offers Utah’s most effective programs for overcoming the grip of substance abuse and dependence. We accept most insurance plans and offer financing for our clients without insurance. If you are ready to move beyond the bonds of addiction, call us today at 800-497-CURE or 801-973-7400. You can also use our convenient contact form to request a consultation to discuss our highly effective methamphetamine addiction treatment and recovery programs.