Heroin and Opiate Addiction Treatment and Recovery

heroin opiate addiction treatment

Heroin and opiate addiction is one of the fastest-growing categories of drug abuse in the United States. This class of drugs is highly addictive with significant potential for serious medical and social consequences.

Once reserved for the most extreme addicts, heroin and opioids such as nonprescription Fentanyl are now commonly abused across every demographic and segment of society. These drugs are not only injected, but smoked or inhaled through the nose (“snorted”) as well. Perhaps most disturbing, the number of middle- and high-school-aged heroin addicts is growing.

In Utah, Aspire Addiction Recovery Centers offers a comprehensive program for heroin and opiate addiction treatment and recovery. Our non-12-step treatments are tailored to the needs of each individual client to ensure a successful and lasting outcome.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Options

Both medical (pharmacological) and behavioral therapies have been demonstrated effective for treating heroin and opiate dependence and addiction. However, research proves that an integrated, whole-person approach is significantly more effective for successful long-term recovery.

Medications are effective for easing the physical aspects of withdrawal. However, behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, education, mindfulness practice and physical activity are all important components of a holistic treatment approach for heroin addiction.

Science-Based Treatments for Heroin Addiction and Recovery

At Aspire, our proprietary program is based on the newest scientific research. We couple this empirical approach with compassionate and personal treatment protocols for heroin and opiate addiction. We design treatment programs based on your specific challenges and needs.

We begin each client’s stay by assigning a case manager, who is responsible for ensuring you receive the treatment you need for a successful future. Your case manager will prepare you for the future, and help you develop critical recovery skills.

We also use physical treatment modalities to assist your recovery and free you from heroin or opiate dependence. Yoga, acupuncture, nature and pet therapy, and movement and fitness training are all a part of our treatment alternatives.

Education and Therapy: Keys to Heroin Addiction Recovery

In addition to medical supervision and physical treatment, Aspire understands the role of education and self-reflection in the recovery process.

Psychotherapy is a foundational aspect of our heroin addiction and recovery program. Individual, group and family therapy sessions help our clients learn more about themselves and their behavioral choices. Rather than simply treating the symptoms of substance abuse and dependence, this process allows the client to discover the origins of their addiction.

Finally, we support all of our treatment programs with educational programs designed to teach the foundations of healthy, happy living. Through these highly effective instructional sessions, you will master your challenges and learn to thrive.

Don’t suffer another day under the specter of dependence. If you or a loved one suffers from heroin or opiate addiction, contact Aspire Addiction and Recovery Centers. Located in Utah, our non-12-step treatment center accepts most insurance and offers financing programs. Call us at 800-497-CURE or 801-973-7400, or use our convenient contact form to get more information about our successful approach to heroin and opiate addiction treatment and recovery.

Heroin and Opiate Addiction Treatment and Recovery