Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Recovery

alcohol addiction treatment

In the United States, alcohol addiction pervades every corner of our society. In fact, 1 of every 12 U.S. residents – almost 18 million people – suffers from alcohol dependence. Countless others engage in binge drinking habits that will eventually lead to alcohol dependence. Each year, more than 88,000 deaths occur as the result of alcohol abuse. Alcohol addiction destroys careers, lives and families.

The need for alcohol addiction treatment and recovery services has never been more pressing. In response, Aspire Addiction Recovery Centers offers Utah’s most comprehensive program for the treatment of alcoholism.

Our whole-person approach to treating alcohol dependence leverages intense psychotherapy, medical management, body work and proven alternative modalities to create a customized approach to healing.

Alcoholism Treatment in a Non-12-Step Environment

As alcohol use disorders have grown more pervasive in the U.S., medical science supports moving beyond the traditional 12-step approach formerly regarded as the standard of care for drinking problems. Although the anonymous approach does work for some alcoholics, it fails for many more, because it doesn’t provide the specific tools necessary for success.

The Aspire program uses a combination of techniques and therapies to create a customized treatment plan to meet the needs of each client. A dedicated case manager is assigned to coordinate and oversee the course of treatment and to prepare you for transition to outpatient care at the end of your stay with us.

Our state-of-the-art treatment facility and highly trained staff provide medication management, fitness training, psychotherapy and educational programs. Fitness training, yoga and nature walks provide balance and harmony, strengthening both body and mind. Acupuncture, shiatsu and craniosacral massage stabilize the central nervous system and reduce the cravings that can lead to relapse.

Through our compassionate and holistic approach to alcohol addiction treatment and recovery, our clients can reconnect with their innermost selves, finding understanding and choosing new behaviors that bring a lifetime of health and happiness.

Few Seek Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Research shows us that, despite the growing prevalence of alcohol addiction, fewer than 15 percent of those with alcohol use disorders receive treatment. In the majority of the untreated cases, family members, friends and the addicts themselves acknowledge the problem, but they never seek the help they need.

If you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol, please take action before it’s too late.

Screening for alcohol dependence can start the process of restoring harmony, health and happiness. Aspire Addiction Recovery Centers understands how challenging it can be to admit to yourself and others that you may have a substance abuse problem. Call us today at 800-497-CURE or 801-973-7400. We can offer practical strategies for starting a dialogue that could save a life. You can also email us or use our contact form above to request information regarding our Utah alcohol addiction treatment and recovery programs.